An Open Letter To My Daughter

My dear child, I never intended this to happen. I never wanted you to come from a split family, I always wanted the absolute very best for you. So, that is what I done. The very best for you. Even if it may not seem like it, all of my decisions have always been with you in mind. I never pictured sharing you with anyone else, but you deserve all of the love in the world and I’m so grateful that you have an abundance. 

I pray that when you’re old enough to understand you keep the same love in your heart as you did when you were a child and forgive me for all of my mistakes. But, always remember, you were never one of them. My life has blossomed since you’ve been born. I’ve grown so much since being your Mother. You may have missed out on both of your parents being together, but you gained two more. I hope more than ever you feel the love we all shower down on you. 

You’re step-father loves you more than the moon and the stars and your step-mom loves you as much as I do. If you are to ever feel broken, I will always remind you that the pieces of our blended family fit as perfect as a puzzle; with you centered in the middle surrounded by a family who loves you fully. It may have not turned out as intended but I know that it did turn out the way our Lord planned. 

Please, never forget how much I love you and always remember you are one of the biggest blessings I have ever had. I promise you, your family is not broken. After all love, you are the piece that holds us all together. 

With all my love, Mom.