Here Is Why My Blog Is A Little Different

Hello readers! I know that typically blogs are about yourself. But I would like to think of mine a little differently than that. Ever since high school I have always been very interested in writing. I loved reading and always felt myself slip into another world when I did so. Upon posting pictures of my husbands and kids (because let’s be real, Mom’s are hardly in the pictures) I always write sentimental captions.

I never thought I could be a writer, I never really thought much about doing it other than I loved reading others writing and I was so intrigued on how they put words together that meshed so perfectly. It was like my own addiction, I enjoyed reading relatable things that I could be going through in my life. Because it always feels nice to read something someone else wrote to ensure that you’re not crazy.

With that being said, I am going to morph my creative writings and my personal blogs/personal experiences onto this page. I want to share experiences with you all while writing things that other readers can relate too. I want to show you all both sides of me and I want to be able to express my creative writing side along with my blogs. At the end of all my writings there will be either be a fiction for my creative writings and for personal blogs, nonfiction. 🙂 So for those that come here to read my personal blogs will be able to differentiate the two if you are more interested in those than my creative writing.

I never want to make anyone feel as though all of my writings are true. For anyone who knows me know that I’m a dedicated, faithful wife to my husband and adore my two children. But, I feel as a writer you should be able to express all sides of yourself and especially the imaginary side that takes you away from life. Even for just a moment.

Happy reading, everyone!

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