A Glimpse Of Me

We have a beautiful little lake that we like to visit in our small town

My life has been pretty typical for the most part. I was born and raised in a town that didn’t so much as have a stoplight. I will say it was pretty darn helpful in my newbie driving years.

I was blessed with a daughter at 17 years old and found myself a single parent a year later. It’s amazing how much you grow and mature once being a parent, but I’m blessed nonetheless. It did take its toll on me. When I dropped out of high school my senior year, I found myself struggling with knowing whether or not I was a good parent. Shortly after that, I decided to go back to get my GED and after passing I went to college for a little while to pursue psychology. It feels wonderful to look back and see how far I’ve came over the years.

She was a doll during senior pictures

Exactly one week after me and my oldest daughter father split I found myself completely smitten by a man that would a year later become my husband. He was charming and everything I wanted in a man, but we were still so young, he was in the military and it was very challenging for us to make the decision to actually settle down with one another. We’ve been married four years this year (2019) and my heart is completely full. Along with our unexpected marriage, we also had an unexpected pregnancy with that as well.

I feel as though it’s true, your second child being a handful because my darling Brielle gives me a good run. She is the sweetest, funniest two year old I’ve met and I’m lucky to be her Mama.

I’m still trying to figure out life and what to make out of it. But, one thing I’m sure of is that I love writing about it. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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